SSTA Software

The Daedalus Storm Project (DSP) is an ongoing software development and integration project to provide accurate Monte Carlo simulation results. This project integrates RocketPy and SSTS and facilitates mean apogee and destination optimization.

Student Space Technology Simulator

SSTS is an ongoing software development project to improve the flight simulation capabilities of the SSTA. Existing software utilized in amateur rocketry supports flight simulations using rocket motor models or data exported from other programs. However, this makes it impossible to simulate for certain aspects of the flight such as the impact of pressure thrust, particularly on higher altitude flights. By simulating propulsion and flight simultaneously, SSTS will make easier the development and simulations of our SRAD motors.

Early development is ongoing, while usage may be negotiated at a later stage of development.

Hybrid Rocket Analysis Program

HRAP is an hybrid rocket motor characterization program developed and maintained by Drew Nickel. His project started when he was an undergraduate student at UTK, he is currently a graduate student and a long-time SSTA member.

The project is available on GitHub.

Open Rocket Plug-ins

Plug-ins for Open Rocket developed by James Cooper and Thomas Scott. Usage is currently available upon request. Contact or

Fin Flutter Analysis
Google Earth Simulation Plotting