Big Liquid

The next step in the SSTA spaceshot development program

4/17/2024 Hot-Fire

Partially-Successful, we achieved a perfect ignition but suffered from leaky plumbing, low oxidizer load, and a burn through of the combustion chamber.

Lyne Camera2.mp4
Ryan GoPro2.mp4

Quick facts:

Alexander van Bruggen

Team Lead

Thomas Scott

Propulsion Simulations

Jackson Dendy

Trajectory Simulations

Landon Meazell

Telemetry and Ground Support

Kevin Tyler Bobbit

Valve Design, Injector Testing

Zach Marano

Valve Design, Business Development

Ryan Mellons

Fabrication and Testing

Maddox Biggerman

Valve Design

Isaac Smith

Payload Lead

Lily Staddon

Aerostructure Design

Drew Nickel


Dr. Evans Lyne

Faculty Advisor


Similar to 2022's Redshift we've opted for a "sub-minimum diameter" design, meaning the propellant tank doubles as a section of the airframe and is exposed, with the lower and upper airframes slipping over it. 


Flight Profile