Current and Past Projects

Big Liquid (2024)

The next step in the SSTA spaceshot development program - Will fly up to 80,000 feet in October 2024!

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Big Hybrid (2023)

UTK's highest impulse, thrust, and efficiency rocket engine since we started in 1999!

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Lil' Liquid (2023)

UTK's first self-pressurizing bipropellant liquid rocket engine!

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Redshift (2022)

A 1,200 lb. thrust hybrid rocket that flew to 28,878 ft and reached Mach 1.77 at Spaceport America in June 2022, winning 1st place in our category!

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Andromeda (2019)

Our 2019 Spaceport America Cup rocket, Andromeda is a hybrid with a micro-organism collecting payload. This was the first competition rocket that SSTA flew.

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Don't Blow Up (2018)

Don't Blow Up was the first hybrid rocket constructed by SSTA for flight. It utilized an ABS-coal matrix fuel grain and was the first vehicle to use CNVA Swirl injectors.

USLI (2017)

USLI 2017 was SSTA's first attempt at a competition. This was a learning experience with the team only completing the subscale model.