Propulsion Group Members

Alexander Van Bruggen

2024 Lead

Vega Liquid Engine Lead (2023)

Alexander Van Bruggen | LinkedIn 

Propulsion Group Alumni

Nicholas Crowder

Now: Blue Origin / Propulsion Engineer

Then: Redshift Lead (2022)
Nicholas Crowder | LinkedIn 

Peter Tarlé

Now: Contrail Rockets & Imperia Space

Then: Redshift Lead (2021)

Robert "Drew" Nickel

Now: Gloyer Taylor Laboratories Inc. / Aerospace Engineer

Then: Redshift Lead (2020) & Andromeda Lead (2019)
Robert Nickel | LinkedIn 

How to Join

Successfully design, build, and fire a rocket motor exceeding 2,560 lbf-s of impulse (L impulse classification or higher) featuring a unique component not found in the club's previous motors.


Any other contribution considered noteworthy by standing propulsion group members.

Note that propulsion project proposals and participation is open to all SSTA members.